Develop your practice of listening and expressing your soul's voice 

The Mandala Journey is a comprehensive 54-page eBook, which guides you forward from the inside out. It contains 20 spiritual and creative practices you can use any time based on the powerful Mandala. Plus, all the guidance you need to access the Sacred Journey Method for personal and spiritual transformation. 

Explore and create 20 Mandala processes around life-changing themes such as:

• Self-love

• Abundance

• Direction

• Release

• Power

• Purpose

• Clarity

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Mandala Journey Ebook

20 processes to bring you closer to your soul path

Through the sacred Mandala, you will see, sense, and express from the inside. Exploring who you are, your feelings and your life. 

You will open to messages, symbols, and signs from your Higher Self (your inner wisdom). 

​You will strengthen trust in your intuitive voice - your soul wisdom, as you follow your creative urges and express freely in your own unique way.