Soul Art is a journey of becoming...

Empowering you to hear your soul's voice and step into the power of who you truly are

Are you ready to be a more creative, spiritual being? Soul Art invites you to take a journey of self-discovery. Through intentional artistic expression, you will learn the powerful spiritual practice of connecting to your truth and your higher self. Soul Art is a place of creativity, joy, and empowerment. A place where you can take the sacred road towards your own spiritual freedom. Exploring who you are and what you need, from the inside. 

Accessing my unique Sacred Journey Method you will walk further into your power, and become more of who you really are. A safe and unique process based on transpersonal art therapy, meditation and intuitive practice. To help you learn and know through lived experience, that you have access to the answers within. This transformational method allows you to unlock your inner wisdom and intuition, and expand on a deeper level. 

What does my soul want me to know?

The Soul Art you make with me is the voice of your soul, and that voice can grow clearer over time when you listen to it. The Sacred Journey Method uses art as a tool to guide your spiritual development using art as a form of spiritual practice. Empowerment comes from the ritual of trusting that connection to the divine creative force that resides within us all and the messages we may receive. 

What is the Sacred Journey Method?

The Sacred Journey Method is a safe and unique process, which combines transpersonal art therapy, meditation and intuitive practice. Apart from being a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist, I am also a Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor. This method combines all of those intuitive practices in one powerful, transformative process for inner exploration. 

The Sacred Journey Method is not connected to any religion or belief. It can be used to enhance any and all forms of spiritual practice. It’s about being open to interpreting the messages in your own artwork, in order to bring about transformation. In that way, you can connect with the highest intention for your life. 

Is Soul Art right for me?

Soul Art is perfect for you if...

You want to step into your power and become more of who you really are.

You want to hear your soul voice and walk your true soul path.

You want to implement a nourishing, spiritual practice where you no longer feel stuck in fear or indecision.

Want a life where you allow the sacred, more divine version of you to live and flow through your everyday.

When you open the door to The Sacred Journey Method, you are unlocking your inner wisdom and intuition

Soul Art is not right for you if....

You want to learn technical art skills.

 This is your chance to play as a creative, spiritual being. This is not an art class. You won’t find tips on technique or how to use different mediums in the best way.


It’s important to you that your art is perfect.

What your artwork looks like doesn't really matter - it's about connecting with sacred intentions and the meaning and messages in your art. How is your art speaking to you?

You want answers from outside yourself

 You are the only person who can interpret your artwork. This method encourages you to believe in your own power. To open the door to radical trust, self-acceptance and self-love.

Are you ready to open your heart to the voice inside?

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